Are you ready to move to a larger house?

Are you ready to move to a larger house?

Are you considering moving to a larger home?  Whether you’re expanding your family and require more bedrooms, or want a home office, Family Movers completely understand that sometimes you simply just need more space.

While more space may be the right answer for some, it’s not always the right answer for others.  Sometimes moving to a larger home ends up creating even more problems than you started with.  Having to move to a new town or village in order to purchase a larger home may mean having to change schools for your children.  So before you start packing up those boxes ready to move house, make sure to fully consider the advantages and disadvantage of moving to a bigger house.

  • Can you actually afford a larger home?

    Budget considerations should be top of your list when considering whether or not to move to a bigger house.  If you’re intent on staying in your current area but can’t afford a larger home, you’ll need to stay put until you’ve saved up enough money to move.  A pay increase at work or a new, high-paying job means having the financial freedom to upgrade their house. Be sure that it makes financial sense to move to a larger home before putting your current house on the market with an estate agent.

  • Do you plan to expand or your family?

    Planning to expand your family? You may need to consider moving to a larger house, it’s the obvious choice surely! Whether it’s more bedrooms for your children or a bigger garden for your pets, having more space for a growing family is one of the top reasons why people decide to move.  Before searching for a larger house, make sure to determine what household features you and your family need. These might include a specific number of bedrooms, a certain amount of land, a family-friendly location and more. Once you determine your needs, you’ll be able to narrow down house location choices.

  • Is it really more space that you need?

    Before going through all the time, energy and expense of listing your home, packing up your belongings and moving, first consider whether it’s really more space that you need. Occasionally people think they need to move when in reality all they need is swap around within their existing house. This means that the square footage is already there but the layout may be less than ideal. If all you need is a larger kitchen or a bigger wardrobe, consider reworking and renovating your current home before putting it on the market. If you’re able to simply add on to your home without breaking the bank, consider getting several bids from local house builders before deciding to move. While renovations often take several months, it’s not as inconvenient as moving to a new home altogether.Check to find reputable traders in your area.

  • Do you have space for guests?

    Do you currently have space for your guests? Do you even have that many guests?  While having a place for guests to stay shouldn’t be the main reason for moving, it can play a role in your decision.  If you have a family member or nanny living with you, consider moving to a home with an annex.

  • Will your work commute be affected by moving house?

    Does moving to a larger house mean moving further away from your office? Unfortunately, work commutes can have a major impact on a person’s overall quality of life.  Many city based people choose smaller homes in order to live closer to work.  However, if space is really an issue you may need to consider sacrificing your work commute for a bigger house. Just make sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons of living far from work before moving to a larger home. 

  • Is it a good time to sell your current home?

    Current home owners need to consider whether it’s a good time to sell their house.  If the area is currently a buyer’s market it’s probably not an ideal time to list your home. Of course, with the help of the right estate agent and marketing strategies, you might still have a good shot at obtaining your price.  Check house prices in your area.

  • Is my quality of life negatively affected by my current house?

    Before going through the hassle of moving to a larger home, consider your quality of life at your current home. How much does the lack of space really take away from your overall enjoyment on a daily basis? Are you constantly tripping over belongings?  If you’ve had enough with living in a tight space, and your quality of life is suffering, then it may be time to upgrade to a larger house.

  • Do I have a qualified estate agent to take me house hunting?

    Navigating your local housing market is not easy, especially when you’re searching for a larger house. However, a reputable and qualified estate agent can make your house hunting process a much more seamless experience.  Check RightMove for properties within your area