How to Motivate Yourself to Pack for Moving

Packing for a move usually starts soon after the house sale has been confirmed and will probably end either a day before the move-out date or on Moving day itself.

Its an arduous task! And one possible problem you may face while you’re packing up your things is… lack of motivation.

It’s never easy to make that start packing for a move.  But staring at your empty moving boxes and doing nothing is a bad idea.

A problem-free move does depend somewhat on your organisation skills…

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get motivated to pack for moving.

A packing check list

You just don’t know where to start packing your house?  Or when to initiate the packing process.

Also known as a packing timeline, that to-do packing list will guide you from Day 1 to the move-out day. That packing checklist will keep informing you what room you should pack next and what items you should pack next so that minimum time is lost in the process.

Often, a good packing guide is all it takes to get you motivated to pack your items the way a professional packer would.

Get the order right

It’s important to understand that the home packing process follows a logical progression for maximum efficiency, so you should make an effort to stick to a proven-to-work packing order.



You should always start packing from the rooms that you think will be the toughest ones to sort out and pack into boxes. In most cases, those hard-to-pack places in your home are the storage areas – garage, basement, attic, etc., followed by any spare rooms you may have, the kitchen and then the living room.

Start packing early from the rooms that are really difficult to sort and pack.  Achieving the hardest rooms first should keep you motivated.

Break it up into smaller tasks

One never-ending packing project that will take weeks to complete is a daunting thought. Break these tasks down into smaller more realistic goals.

To pack in stages is a proven tactic to get the packing done, because you’ll be able to see the immediate results of your work. Packing up your entire home won’t finish for many days, but you can still get a few mini packing jobs within a single day. And when you do, the mere idea of checking those tasks as completed will give you the incentive to keep working hard the next day.

Be ruthless

Moving house can give you the opportunity to cleanse your household. Get rid of belongings that you really do not need and will never use. Sell some things in a yard sale. Don’t bother packing and moving old furniture pieces unless they have sentimental value for you. Get rid of any items that are broken, useless, unwanted or long-forgotten. Think about the storage space in your new home, especially if you’re downsizing.

Phone a friend

Ask your best friends to help you pack. Without a doubt, one great way to pack for a move without getting overwhelmed is to get invaluable friendly assistance when you need it the most. Seriously, have you thought of organizing a packing party and inviting your friends to join the fun?

Add some fun to the packing process

Packing for a move is viewed as a tedious task so it’s normal that you won’t usually be looking forward to it. But if you manage to make the entire packing process more interesting and even more fun, then you won’t really feel demotivated during the longs hours of packing things into cardboard boxes.


  • INVITE your friends over to mix business with pleasure. Promise your pals that it won’t be just work, work, and more work, and then keep your promise.
  • PREPARE tasty snacks and various types of drinks to keep everyone content and to maintain high energy levels until the packing job is done.
  • PLAY good music in the background to kill the boredom and encourage your friends to sing along.
  • THINK of fun games to entertain your helpers during deserved breaks from packing.

Consider the savings you’ll make

Whenever you feel like you’re losing your motivation to pack when moving to a new home, just think of your strongest incentive to consider packing by yourself in the first place. Saving money

So, the next time you feel rather demotivated to start packing or to continue packing with the initial energy and enthusiasm, just think of the money you’re saving, and then get back to work.