How to Move a Piano

If you’re thinking, how to move a piano yourself – think again! It’s just far too dangerous to attempt to move a piano, even with helpful friends

Hire Family Movers is our advice. We are piano movers for the Norwich, Swaffham, Holt and all the surrounding areas of Norfolk.

Before you try to move your family’s 80-year-old grand piano to a different room or a new house, remember that you’re not just moving a piece of furniture. You’re about to move an instrument with keys, pedals, wires and other components that, if broken, will be very expensive to replace.

It’s also a heavy instrument that could weigh between several hundred and 1,000 pounds

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That means there’s a high risk for injury if you don’t lift it properly, or don’t use the proper tools. The best way to be sure your piano gets where it’s going is to hire Family Movers. They have the equipment needed to move the instrument, and can take apart and re-assemble the piano if needed.

how to move a piano

Piano moving risk is huge when traversing more than 4 consecutive low steps because then you have to actually carry the piano, not just tip and ease it up or down! The danger and the risk of piano moving is so high that doing it yourself could lead you right to the undertaker!

Because of this risks of piano moving, our first advice to you, the amateur piano mover wannabee is DONT DO IT Just dragging a piano accoss a carpet can be too much for the legs to handle.

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So Instead – Please just get Family Movers piano movers Norwich to do the piano moving for you!

We feel that it is our responsibility, in consideration of your personal safety, to first make every attempt to warn you of the many piano moving risks involved in do it yourself piano moving.

It is our belief that in most piano moving situations, financially speaking and health wise for you, your friends and family helping you and your piano, you would be much better off just hiring Family Movers to do the job for you. Remember, we have the appropriate insurances if any injuries or damages to the piano occur!