How to Move Clothes on Hangers, Shoes & More

How to Move Clothes on Coat Hangers

Preparing to move clothes on hangers, shoes and accessories?  Family Movers can certainly help!  While packing up a wardrobe is usually hard work, it’s important when moving to a new home. It’s also always important to your move that it’s done right otherwise you could end up with a wardrobe full of wrinkled clothes.  The best way to pack clothes and accessories is by handling them with care from beginning to the end of your house move.  This means washing, folding and packing items in the right materials and not by stuffing them into boxes.  Wardrobe items can also become quite heavy when grouped together.  Luckily there is a variety of easy and efficient ways to move clothes on hangers, shoes and handbags.

  • Purchase several wardrobe boxes from Family Movers for high-end hanging clothes

    When packing nice clothes, start with wardrobe boxes. These cardboard boxes are essentially small, portable wardrobe specifically designed to hang and fit your clothes. While sizes vary, most wardrobe boxes are 2 feet wide.  They come outfitted with a built in metal hanger bar that replicates your closet.  In addition the box keeps hanging clothes protected and wrinkle-free throughout the move.

  • Use large bin bags for other hanging clothes

    You may want to consider opting for a cheaper method of moving less expensive clothes. This low cost DIY option is one of the best ways to pack clothes for moving.  Family Movers recommend using drawstring bags that can hold many clothes.  To pack your hanging clothes inside of a bin bag  simply bundle your hangers and clothes together, slip the hanging clothes inside the bin bag while holding onto the hangers, tighten the drawstrings around the hanger hooks and then tie and secure with the hooks outside the bag. Alternatively, you can cut a small hole at the bottom of the bin bag and place the clothes inside with the hangers at the bottom of the bag.  Once the hanger hooks are through the hole at the bottom of the bag, tie them with a rubber band. The top part of the bag should contain the bottom portion of your clothing. Once the clothes are placed inside, tie the drawstrings closed to keep everything together.

How to Move Clothes in a Box

  • Wash or dry-clean clothing

    Not all clothes need to be hung during a house move.  For instance, underwear, t-shirts, workout clothing and jeans can be folded and placed in a box when moving.  Before packing these items Family Movers suggest washing or dry cleaning them first.  Packing dirty clothes in the same box with clean clothes is never a good idea. Not only could dirty clothes stink up your wardrobe but they could also create mildew problems in the future.  To protect your clothes, make sure that all items have been thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to packing for the house move.

  • Line boxes with a protective layer

    To properly protect folded clothes when packing Family Movers suggest lining boxes with packing paper or plastic wrap. This will protect your clothes from water as well as the general wear-and-tear that comes with moving.

  • Fold clothes and place them inside the box

    Properly folding your clothes will prevent wrinkles and maximize the space inside the box.  Whatever you do, don’t overstuff your box with clothing. This will only make moving more difficult and will make it hard to find your items after the move.

Prepare your shoes or boots for the house move!

  • Pack shoes inside original boxes, shoe bags or plastic shoe boxes

    We recommend re-using shoe boxes when packing up your shoes.  If you can’t find boxes, try purchasing inexpensive shoe bags.

  • Wrap shoes with packing paper

    Before placing your shoes inside boxes or bags, we highly recommend wrapping the outside of the shoes with packing paper.  We also suggest stuffing the inside of the shoe with packing paper to help maintain its shape while moving. Secure the packing paper with packing tape and carefully place shoes inside the box or bag.

Other Helpful Tips For Moving

  • Pack your suitcases

    Pack all of your wardrobe items inside of any travel luggage.  Those suitcases and travel bags will need to come with you anyway, so you might as well use them to help you move!  To maximize the space inside your suitcase roll your clothing before placing them inside.  This works for shirts, blouses, underwear and pants.

  • Store clothing inside vacuum seal bags

    When moving, it’s a good idea to store clothing inside of vacuum seal bags. Unlike cardboard moving boxes, which are not air or water-tight, sealed vacuum bags provide complete protection for clothing while moving. These reusable storage bags prevent moisture, dust, dirt, and bugs from damaging clothing, and they are also perfect for keeping seasonal clothes in long-term storage.

  • Protect jewellery when packing

    When packing costume jewellery, be sure to place earrings, necklaces and bracelets inside small plastic baggies. Necklaces should each be packed in their own small bag to avoid becoming tangled up with one another. When moving, be sure to keep expensive, fine jewellery with you at all times.

Not sure how many boxes, bags or supplies you’ll need?

If you’re not sure how many moving boxes you’ll need to pack up your closet contact Family Movers.  We will tell you how many boxes will be needed during the move. You can also check out our move planner to assist with all of your moving needs.

Ready to order your packaging?

You can order your moving boxes and packing supplies directly through Family Movers Best of luck and happy moving!