Moving House Checklist

Moving house is a very stressful time even the calmest of people can get anxious even with the thought of it. There will be hundreds of things to do and time will creep up on you so not a lot of time to do them, but with a good checklist and plan,  just how to prepare for the move can be relatively simple.

You will need to pack your belongings! This is inevitable and you cant get out of it unless you hire a removals company to do it for you, most people want to pack their possessions themselves, but there are other certain things that need to be done well in advance. Finding packing supplies and booking a reputable removal company is one of the first things that should be taken care of. Moving house usually takes place on a date that suits all parties involved and is on a specific agreed date. Good removals companies will be booked in advance so the sooner you get in the better chance you have. Ensure that the removals company you book has plenty of recommendations and is a part of a body that will have minimum standards they have to abide by.

The paper work!! This is as important Changes of address with credit card companies, utilities, schools, doctors get in there before you move this will save a lot of unnecessary work once you have moved in. You will need to inform the Post Office to redirect your mail before you move too this takes about 5 days to transfer. You don’t want to miss five days of post once you are at you new address. Don’t forget to tell family and friends!

De-cluttering is soul cleansing and very therapeutic this can also help your move, don’t take those things that have been in the garage or loft for 12 years, recycle them give to charity. Throwing out unwanted pieces of furniture and other items you’ve been hoarding can not only mean there’s less packing to be done, but the move can actually be cheaper in terms of what any removal company will charge. Similarly consider a temporary storage option for items that are not immediately necessary in the home, such as the contents of the garage or attic that you can’t bring yourself throw out.

During packing process, after labeling boxes which not only state the contents, but also the room they belong in is very helpful to a removal company. The house move can now occur far quicker as well as ensuring that items don’t go missing.  Maintaining a room plan and an inventory of your items also ensures that things won’t go astray.

Once your house contents are in the removals van, it would be beneficial to make sure that nothing has been damaged in the removal process. Before and after photos are the bast way and can help target exactly who is liable if something should go wrong. By creating a moving house checklist and plan of exactly what needs to be done and when, preparing for the house move should be a simple and not so stressful a process.